Topics for the first meeting with the parents

– Introduction of the class adviser and the parents (written with contact details – address, phone, mobile, e-mail, skype, facebook)
– Who can help how? Knowhow? Connections? Every single parent should come twice per year and present his / her knowledge and experience (written).
– Expectations and ideas (written).
– Our aim is to manage the final secondary-school examinations. It is a very good class, so we want the maximum!
– Concept for teaching (I know what I am doing and most important – how, why and with whom. I haven’t seen another school yet that lives the anthroposophy so good)
– One project in a favourite topic till the end of january. Should be done in english.
– One project in a mathematics topic till the end of january. Should also be done in english. Thus we can both start the preparation for the maths and english exam.
– No need for class travel and work in a foreign country at first. We will need the money and the time for other purposes.
– As a new teacher I will concentrate at first on the teaching and the work with the class, not on other activities. Of course I will coordinate and organise the different processes and activities.
– Although I cleaned the class room for several hours, it have still to be painted and well-cleaned. I’m looking forward for help from the parents. And I will prefer that the students concentrate on their work for school.
– We need at first a projector and about 2-3 notebooks (or PCs if no notebooks available). Also some jalousie for the windows (This is absolutely necessary).
– A mobile white board (This is more a desire).
– It will be nice if we can have light chairs with small integrated tables, so we can have lectures also outside and in a circle(This is more a desire).
– It will be also very nice if someone of the parents can organise all the students to go together to the city library of Munich, the state library of Bavaria, the libraries of the LMU Munich and TU Munich and make an account. This is very important for the classes and the personal development of the students. It is possible to do this some day after school.