Preparation and improvisation

For a teacher there is something extremely important – to be well prepared for the lessons. But there is something more important – the capability to improvise. That’s what I’ve done on friday. Because the students wanted me to do so. I tried to calculate the Golden Ratio and thus giving an example of solving a quadratic equation, so the students can remind how to do this. And I couldn’t manage to get the answer I wanted to. I thought that there is a mistake in my calculations, but I couldn’t find any. And shortly after the class I discovered that there is no mistake. I just forgot the next and last step. That was not the end of the calculation. We calculated x, but we still had to calculate 1-x and x/(1-x) out of it. And exactly this relation was the Golden Ratio in that case. Now I prepared a working sheet on this assignment.

But the most significant is that a learned a very important lesson – preparation is very important, but improvisation is even more important. This leads sometimes to not so good, but at least authentic performance. 🙂 Which illustrates exactly how real life functions – through improvisation, creativity, trials and errors. Of course, it is very important not to make the same mistakes more than once. 🙂