Regular Regional Hikes

Hikes outside in the nature are great. I love them and do a hike every weekend. But I often have to do such hikes alone, become it seems that there are not so many people or at least among my friends who love to go hiking. And when I meet some other people, who like hiking, it seems that they have absolutely the same problem. And the problem is not so much that there are not so many people who love hiking. Actually there are a lot. The problem is that there is no such thing as a hiking community or a place where you can organise such hikes.

So, my idea is to start to organize regular hikes in the region I live and write about them, so many people in the city can see them. For now I’ll spread the information on Xing, on facebook, couchsurfing and on the wiki page of Karlsruhe.

What about organizing such hiking events also in your city?