City Free Tours Extended?

Have you ever heard about free city tours? Just type in free tours and a city name and you will be amazed in who many cities there are free city tours. On these tours you can learn quite a lot about the city from people who live there. You can obtain a lot of insider tips. And it is not commercial. It’s for free. Of course a small donation is always welcome if you are happy with the tour. I love the idea and I’m very happy that even Sofia has its own free tour.

Everyone can create free tours in their cities, so feel free to do this. You are not only going to make a lot of tourists happy, but you’ll also meet some great people and have a lot of fun.

On the other hand, sooner or later the free city tours can become quite standard and lose their charm. The only difference with the normal commercial tours will be that they are free. Here some ideas what to do in order to make them always different and always interesting not only for tourist, but also for locals:

1. Change the route.

2. Show not only the typical tourist attractions, but also the everyday life, for example a working area, a living quarter, a market.

3. Make some special tours which have some particular topics. It can be traditional cooking, history, outgoing night, literature, animals in the city, architecture, in the city, restaurants, parks, hotels, language, religions, sports and so on. There is an enormous variety. These tours can be made from time to time and be announced ahead. But they can be done very spontaneous as well.

4. Orientate yourself on the different events that are going on in that particular time and visit them together with the tourists.

5. Go outside the city and show the near region – mountains, rivers, sea, nature and so on.

6. Just visit some local people together.

Just be creative.