Be Always Pro and never Against

The world is so great, but nevertheless there are some bad things happening. And then there are good people who are against these bad things. But when you are against something, you concentrated on it and make it stronger. So being against the mafia, against wars or against drugs, you are making these bad things even stronger. That’s how it functions. So the TV and the mass media make the problems only worse, because they are always against the bad things. A better strategy is to be pro something good. Every bad thing has an opposite good one. So you can be for peace or for drugs free world.

Mother Teresa once said, that she’ll never enter an organisation against war, but she’ll always enter an organisation for peace. The same approach had Mahatma Gandhi as well. He was always for a peaceful solution. And there is even more information about it from the web page of the Law of Attraction – the power of our thoughts attracts always what we are thinking about.