We Are Water

The human body, everything alive on the planet and the whole planet itself consist mostly of water. It is always said that water is the foundation of our existence and this is true. Nevertheless, we still know not enough about water.

We are water. And water is weak and patient and good. You can do what you want with water – move it from one place to the other, change its physical state, separate it and so on. So, it seems to be weak and to be easily formed and it seems never to mind when we do all this with it. But water is not weak if we look at a bigger scope and see how it changes our lives and the whole planet with the years. It is just patient and lets the time almost stay, but alter many years it turns out that water is stronger than everything else and goes even through rocks. And it is good, it gives life, it creates life, it saves life, it is the life and the creator.

We are water, so we are as the water is – we seem to be weak, but we are strong. A good example is the hunting man, with no claws and running slow, but with great endurance and patience so that at the end the animals have no chance. And we can be really patient and it is good for us to be patient. And we are good. We can’t be bad, when we have water as our foundation. And we are the life and we are the creators as well.

But still, what is the magic in the water? What is really important about the water is not only its chemical constitution, but also its structure. The water has memory and can build different structures according to its memory. Thus was first practically observed by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who takes pictures of water crystals. In this way he can observe the structure of water in different situations. For example, if we tell the water some specific word, than it changes its structure according this word. The same with the emotions, places and everything else. Water absorbs every kind of information. Words like love, peace, gratitude and so on create very strong water structures, which look very beautiful, symmetric and harmoniously on the photos of the crystals.

The water goes through our entire planet and captures the information it meets on its long way. It does this through its structure. And it not only captures it, but also has the capability to change it. When it evaporates from the ocean and falls down as rain it purifies itself and creates the nicest possible crystals. One special place where this happens is the Roraima Area. Roraima means in the local language „mother of all waters“. This is the most pure and original water. It has in it only the information about the creation and love.

We are water, but we are drained out. We are thirsty. More than 70% of the people drink insufficient amounts of water. For one kilogram body mass, we have to drink at least 30ml water a day. Because we do not do this. Because we drink no water, but a lot of soft drinks and coffee which dehydrate the body. More about this from Dr. Batmanghelidj and his books „Your Body’s Many Cries for Water“.

Knowing all of this about water, we’ll definitely try not to pollute it and to make it accessible for everyone. But nowadays water is polluted and not threaten in the natural way. Before it comes to us and before we can drink it, it go through many processes. Bottled water is full of dangerous substances and it is better not to drink it. Water directly from the tap is better, but it is often contaminated with fluorine (it is very dangerous for the body – check the film „The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception„) or chlorine and it just losses its structure in the pipes. Possible solutions for this problem are some special filters which help to restore the original structure or water. There are two Austrian companies (Grander Water and EWO) who produce such filters, which function very well and improve a lot the quality of tap water. Even the taste changes! If you are not up to filters, you can buy a good glass-bottled spring water with Dr. Masaro Emoto’s chrystals from St. Leonhards.