Small Gardens for Big Food Production

One of the things I especially like in Germany are the small gardens which are almost everywhere in the cities. These are some places where you can buy or rent a little land and make your own garden. It’s a great concept, which is very seldom in other countries. It can be a really good business to apply this concept outside Germany. People will be happy to have such gardens in the city and to have much greener cities.

On the other hand, Germany is a rich country and many people live in houses in the city and have small gardens around their house, as it is more typical for villages than for cities.

In both cases people in Germany normally use this small gardens for some green grass, some flowers and maybe some trees and bushes. I think that we can make much more from these gardens. They can be used to produce food. Local, organic food from your own small garden. And the most important point is that when we produce our own food, we produce it with love, which makes its quality much better. And we eat it immediately after we gathered it.

These gardens are too small to provide their owners the full amount of food they need, but they can still provide a great percentage of it. Thus we will not need so much mass food production, we’ll have even greener cities, we’ll save the bees and we can show our kids what it means to grow your own food. This is a core value for the humanity which we do not give our kids anymore, as our parents gave it to us. This is a core value that will definitely make the world much better.

So, have you already started to plant for food in your garden? Or if you don’t want to do this, why not give your garden to someone else, so he can do it? Or can you imagine making a platform where you connect people who have gardens, but don’t want to use them in such manner with people who don’t have, but want to have? You can not only earn some money, but also help the whole society a lot.