Youth Projects Change the World

While the politicians are vainly looking for global solutions of the global problems, the new generation of young people have already understood that we have to think global, but look for local solutions of local problems and change the world for a better. Here some great projects from young people for young people:

1. Youth Future Project – organised in September 2010 a conference for young people in Bonn, where they had the unique opportunity to meet many of the Right Livelihood Award Laureates personally and to get inspired and learn from them. This group of young people is not going to stop here, but is now preparing the next conference. This time the conference will be only part of a big process of creating sustainable projects for a better world. Youth Future Project started with Learn and Be Inspired and now it’s time for Act and Let’s do it.

2. Young German (only in German) – it is a German project, but really inspiring one. Simon has travelled around Germany and interviewed young people. He managed to collect a very valuable data about the young generating, which makes us all optimistic for the future.

3. Teach for All – this project started in the USA, but is now in many other countries, for example in Germany and Bulgaria. It has the aim to make the profession teacher again attractive for young people. They obtain the opportunity to teach in schools and get to know what the social problems in some poor regions are and how the new youngest generation there ticks. And the students have the opportunity to start to like what is being taught in school, get motivated to study and have better chances for the future.

4. Cycle Tour „Experience Ideas“ (only in German). Young people spend their holidays by cycling together through Germany and visiting some examples of sustainable and social businesses. Thus they learn early how a better world could look like. This year’s tour – 2011 – is going through one of the most beautiful areas in Germany from Darmstadt to Freiburg. This is the area I like most in Germany.