Sustainable Buildings

Here some interesting examples of at least partly sustainable and very innovative buildings, which you may want to visit. Each of them has a different purpose.

1. A school: School Handmade Bangladesh

2. A living house: Solar House Darmstadt, Germany.

3. A store: Ann Demeulemeester’s store in Seoul, South Korea

4. An Animal Shed: Deepwater Woolshed

5. A Museum: Island City Central Park Grin Grin

6. A Tea House: Too Tall Teahouse

7. A Hotel: Waterfall Bay House

8. A Winery: Pelegrine Winery

9. Holiday Houses: Commune by the Great Wall

10. Funeral Hall: Meiso no Mori Funeral Hall

11. A Sports Hall: Slowtecture Tennis Centre

12. A Cultural Centre: Hanamidori Cultural Centre

13. A Port: Yokohama International Port Terminal

14. A Kindergarten: Fuji Kindergarten Tokyo

15. A Bath: Moku Moku Ju Bathhouse

16. A Villa: Dragspel Huset

17. A Green House: Eden Project

18. A Visitor Sentre: Savill Building

As you can see from this small collection of buildings, it is really possible to create a more sustainable living place. This can be the first step for fully sustainable cities. A good start can be this one.