Be a Biography Consultant

Have you ever heard of the profession biography consultant? Well, it already exists, but it is more or less unknown. It’s about helping people who have questions about their lives. Biography Consultants can not only help you when you feel lost, but they can also help you to understand yourself better and even to find a new job. This profession is often combined with a holistic and anthroposophic view of human beings, which makes a deep personal analysis possible. One of the first steps is to help people remember their dreams, abilities, interests and ideals as a child. And what they’ve done with pleasure later. The biography consultant can help you find your personal leitmotif re-orientate yourself.

Well, I’m not sure that we need special biography consultants in order to answer these questions for us. We can be our own biography consultant and we can be biography consultant for our friends, kids and parents. And we can of source use our contacts and friends in order to obtain even more knowledge about ourselves. We have only to pay attention what our friends think of us and to manage from time to time to create a healthy distance from yourselves and to observe ourselves from outside.