Make You Dispensable! Be a Good Manager

It is only possible to have a sustainable business and to be a good manager if you make yourself totally dispensable. Of course you will be always needed, but not to do a specific job, but to inspire. Your function as a manager is to inspire the business and the employees. You have to delegate, delegate and delegate again. At every time point you have to delegate everything you can delegate. And everything you can’t delegate, you have to make delegable. You have to delegate even budget and control. You have to delegate till you have nothing to do. Till you don’t have to be in the office. Till you are free to create new businesses, new products and organisations. Till you feel free and till you start to inspire everyone in your company.

And if some day you have the feeling that your employees and your company does not need you any more, than it means that you’ve done a good job. If the company can run without you, then you are a good manager. If not, you are not a good manager. Don’t make your company dependant from one person and don’t make you dependant from one company.