Where and How to Travel and Explore

When you love to travel there is always the question where to go first. There are so many nice places all over the world and you want to see many of them, so it can be a really tough decision. When I’ve first started to travel I had not really the choice, because I used to travel with my parents. Years later it was too expensive and too complicated for me to travel abroad, so I travelled only around Bulgaria for many years. And still, there are so many places I haven’t visited in my homeland. But a wanted to visit other countries and places as well, so I decided to come to study in Germany. At first it was again too expensive and difficult to travel outside Germany or too far in Germany, so I’ve visited the areas near the city I used to live in. And I’ve tried not to miss any opportunity to visit some other places in Germany. In several years I’ve managed to visit a great part of the country and know the area I live in as my hand.

After already seen big parts of two countries – my homeland Bulgaria and my second homeland Germany I really wanted to start to visit some foreign countries as well. I’ve thought that Italy is culturally more or less something between Bulgaria and Germany, so I used the fact that I had a friend there and visited him for one week. I fell in love with Italy. And it somehow strengthens my exploration desires. I wanted to explore even more countries. It is so nice to see the different points of view, the different habits, the different cultures and ways of life. My friend in Italy has set for him an aim to visit more countries than his own age. 🙂 Well, I somehow loved his aim, but with only three countries and an age of 22 I thought that it is a hard aim to achieve for me. Now I am 27 and I already visited more than 27 countries, although I was only in Europe.

I’ve encountered travellers with many different aims – to visit all the countries in the world, to visit all the capitals of the world, to visit each country’s highest peak in Europe, to be on all continents, to have experienced all climate areas and so on and so on. Some of this traveller’s logic is very strange, but mostly adventurous. And although most of the travellers like to and travel intuitively and often very spontaneous as well, it seems that everyone has some basic plan where to go and some logic and ideas behind it. I like to explore cultures and landscapes; I like to see the differences and to make some conclusions from them. And I like to see the similarities as well. My logic of travelling is like putting a puzzle together. I travel because of the people and the place with all their characteristics. And I’m putting together the puzzle of the similarities and differences of these places and people.

In my vision every single person and every single place has its own and unique meaning and purpose. I like to explore those. This not only helps me to find my own way, but makes me happy of it and makes me even happier to discover all those different ways. At the end, exactly as in the travels, not the aim, but the way is what matters. So I’m kind of walking on my way and reflecting on it and observing the ways of the other people, places and cultures. In order not to get confused when putting a puzzle together, you start at some part and look from similar parts around it. This is exactly my way of travelling.

I’ve started from my homeland Bulgaria, then my second homeland Germany, then the whole European union, than whole Europe and when I’ll finish with Europe I’ll start with New Zealand and Australia, Canada and USA and South America. After that I’ve visit the different countries in Asia and at the end Africa. I am sure that at some point I’ll have the whole puzzle Earth done. But I’m not going to stop to travel. When you once start, you can never stop. I’ll explore not only the land, but the oceans as well. And after the Earth follows the Moon and all the planets in our solar system. Then our universe and so on! There is always something new to explore. There is always something new to see. There is always something new to learn and to experience. The development never ends. And while exploring far countries, planets and universes, never forget to explore your own country, your own city, your own neighbourhood, your own house, yourself and the people next to you. There are many directions of exploring and every single one can show you and teach you something. The small and well known things near us are exactly as important.

You can explore in the width, in the depth, in the time, in the space, in your own perceptions, mind, spirit and feelings. You can explore everywhere and everything. It is actually not so important what you explore at the moment and where you do it, but not to stop exploring. And in order to explore you don’t need to travel. But travelling teaches you how to explore and shows you easily why you have to explore. And don’t forget that while you are exploring you are on the way, so explore your own way from the space, from above, in the depth, from inside and from outside. And be happy every time when you notice that you are not following your own way and correct it and keep going. In your travels and explorations, let your intuition decide where to go next and what to do next. The intuition never forgets your ways and makes enables you always to find it again and again and to be strong on it. So, no matter what kind of travelling and exploring plans you have, change them according to your intuition and do it spontaneously. And never miss a chance to travel and to explore.