Physical Activities and Professional Sport

There are often some discussions about professional sport and physical activities in the leisure time. Are these really healthy? Are these too commercial? As a man, who has always done a lot of sports and other physical activities I want to say my opinion. I used to love and be inspired from every single type of sport and physical activity. From the age of 6 to 14 I used to play almost every day football or some other sports and this for not less than 6 hours per day! Later it was not so often, but it was still very much. At the same time I used to watch a lot of sports as well, which is nothing but time lost.

Nowadays I’m still in love with sport, but for me it is more important not only what you do, but how you do it. If you hike to the top of a mountain it is much better than to go with the cable car. And if you don’t ski you’ll do definitely something good for the nature. Whole mountains slopes are completely spoiled because of the skiing industry. On the other hand you can hike to the top with your skis and then go down with no way or on a tiny path. Skiing is just the first example of commercial sports done only for money. Football and Formula 1 are even better examples. Both have a really bad impact. Actually I don’t even like the bicycles as well, because on them you have to sit and sitting is not a natural position. It was invented by people and is not healthy. That’s why I don’t have a bicycle and prefer to walk. Even for longer distances running is more practical than cycling.

So I think that commercial sports are not good. Most of them are bad for the environment, for the society and for your health. Look at some great athletes or football players. They often have perfect bodies and look great. But on the same time they often have a short career of 10-20 years and after that look really bad and old. Very often the physical activities they do are one-sided and thus develop some parts of the body and let others unused. Such a one-sided development of the body is very bad for your health. Sports and other physical activities are only good when they develop the whole body or when they are combined with some other activities in order to develop your body in a more holistic way.

On the other side physical activities have to go hand in hand with feelings, thinking, praying and so on. Activities for the good condition of the body must be combined with such for your heart, your brain, your mind, your soul, spirit and so on. After a long time of stressing only on one of these activities, you definitely have to switch to another one in order to develop sustainably.

We are given a great body, a great dynamical apparatus, which is there to be used. If we don’t use it, we are not making the best of our body. But you don’t have to play sports in order to use it. You can dance, you can hike, you can have a lot of sex and so on. These are all nice physical activities in which you use your dynamical apparatus. And it is very important to use your dynamical apparatus, because it is directly connected to your willpower. And the willpower helps you make changes, take decisions, stay on your path, succeed. If you make push-ups, it is not so important that you make 50 or 100 or 1000. It is important that when you’ve already done 50 and think that you can’t do any more, that you do the 51st. This is the simplest way not only to develop further your body and mind, but to strengthen your willpower.

If we look at the social aspects of sport, then we can find some very nice things, especially in the team sports. They not only build your team spirit and compassion, but also unite people it a great manner. And they even build your leadership, organisational, communicational and many other soft skills, which are so important not only for your career, but also for your everyday life. It is impossible to hate other nationalities or races, when you’ve played together with them as for years as a child. And you learn to understand them. You can explore the different characters and types of people while playing together with them. I need only a few minutes to play football with someone and I can already tell you what kind of person he is. You can even experience the differences between the social classes when you play football. That’s something very important that you learn additionally while having fun. And that’s the best. You can have fun with everyone! This can be learned from sport as well. 

If you are good in sports, you’ll be good in business as well. Every sportsman is a businessman. Businessman of his oft body. The best and most successful sportsmen are good businessmen as well. Can you imagine what it means to be the best in some sport? To have the world record! This means hard work, this means discipline, this means a lot. Not everyone can do it. The same is with business. And even better is that as a sportsman you always have the dream to be the best. And you always give everything to achieve it. And you never give up, no matter what difficulties you encounter. This is one of the aspects I love in sport.