Most important is not WHAT we do, but HOW we do it

I’ve currently seen an interesting webpage – It enables us to define a so called hub, i.e. a topic, which is of interest for us and us it to acquire information about it or some similar topics. It is a kind of combination between blog, newsletters, rss, chat, forum, video, photos and many more. It is a really powerful communication tool. And it is sure not the first or last such tool.

The „new“ Web 2.0 and the expected Web 3.0, as well as many other new technologies give us entirely new possibilities. Not only in the communication field, but in every single life-sphere. Nowadays we can do almost everything. Everything becomes possible and there are always people which can do some specific thing. So the entire knowledge of the humanity and the possibilities to communicate and share this knowledge are becoming practically infinite.

But why we still have such enorm problems like illnesses, poverty, wars? There are actually solutions for all this problems. I think that the problem is that we concentrate on WHAT we do, but not on HOW we do it. The way of doing things is exactly what makes us happy and what solves our problems. WHAT we achieve is of course important, but the way to the aim is much more important – it teaches us and shows us what really matters in life. The way, HOW we do things, is the milestone for our total sustainable success. This notion is contained in the Bible as well.

I thing that the modern technology is a typicall WHAT and the cultural and spiritual development the typical HOW. And nowadays almost everyone concentrates on WHAT, on technology. We are a technological society. We are making the technological development a final aim. But technology is and can’t be much than a mean, an assitance for humanity. So we are making this assistance an aim. As a result we are deviating from the really important aims – to improve our society, to improve our relations, to improve ourselves. We are evolving in technology, but not in spirit. This devastates our personalities and then our societies as well. For example, we have the technology to communicate, but we have forgotten how to communicate with one another.

So let concentrate on HOW we do things, no matter WHAT we do. If we do it in the right and positive way it will end well and we will be happy with it.