Total sustainability

I’m highly interested in the processes which take place in the modern society and how we act towards a sustainable world for everyone and everything. Sustainable means social, ecological and economical. But this concerns only the „material“ part of our being, so I would like to speak for the spiritual or psychological part as well. And the sustainable thinking, the sustainable thoughts, the sustainable mind is even more important than the „material“ sustainability. So I will write about the combination of both and call it „total sustainability“. And what does it actually mean? It means to think and act consciously in a sustainable way and to accept the responsibility for our actions. It means that we always make a conscious decisions towards a sustainable, a better world. It means that every single person changes in a positive way. It means that we can save our world and make it an even better place for our children. The best possible description is: just live consciously.

This blog will be much or less about the total sustainability, about the new conscious life. So start changing our life now. It is easy. It is easier than we thing. It is actually extremelly easy and this is the best thing. With simple, everyday actions, but conscious ones we will arrive to our new, better future. So, have a nice day and don’t worry about anything. Just be happy and make others be happy. And the world will be a better place to live.